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Caldera Spas Atlas Neck Jet Pillow Reno Sparks San Jose Santa Cruz

Caldera Spas Atlas Neck Jet Pillow (2002-2009)

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Replacement pillow from Watkins Manufacturing for Caldera Utopia Series Spas.

Compatible with Caldera Utopia Series spas from 2002-2009.

This pillow is designed for:
  • Caldera Utopia Cantabria
  • Caldera Utopia Florence
  • Caldera Utopia Geneva
  • Caldera Utopia Niagara
  • Caldera Utopia Ravello
  • Caldera Utopia Tahitian

New improved design allows for more flexibility and an easier fit for the average bather. 

Atlas pillows can be used interchangeably. If a difference in color is acceptable, we also have another pillow available. While labeled for later models, it can be used on earlier ones as well, though the color will be slightly different.