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Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Filter for all Hot Spring Highlife Spas and Select Hot Spot Series & Caldera Spas

Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Filter for all Hot Spring Highlife Spas and Select Hot Spot Series & Caldera Spas

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This is a genuine Hot Spring Spas Tri-X filter cartridge that is recommended for use in all Hot Spring Highlife Series spas as an Upgrade Option. It also fits many Hot Spring Hot Spot Series Spas models, Caldera Spas models and older Hot Spring Spas models including the Accolade, Landmark, and Vista.

Unlike standard polyester filters, the Tri-X filter uses a revolutionary ceramic fiber material and unique design to filter twice as much water as a standard filter. Please note, most models require 3-5 units. Watch our video to learn how to care for your Tri-X filters. 

Regularly replacing your hot tub filter is an essential part of maintaining your spa and extending its lifespan. The Hot Spring Tri-X offers a superior filtration function over standard filters. Hot Spring Tri-X filters manage the water that enters your hot tub and filters out debris, dirt, and other items, preventing them from entering the pipes and causing damage or build-up in the pump or inner workings of your hot tub.

Consult your spa's owner's manual or contact us for the exact filter requirements of your spa. For more information on Hot Spring Spas filter, click here.

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