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SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate Reno Sparks Santa Cruz San Jose

SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate 2lb.

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SpaGuard Brominating Concentrate is a powerful bacteria fighter perfect for spas and hot tubs. This is a one-step system made up of quickly-dissolving bromine granules. They can be safely applied directly to the spa without mixing up the granules in water first. They are dual-acting and do not have the chlorine odor that some find unpleasant. They may be used while the pump is running, as well.

  • One step fast dissolving brominating granules
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products
  • May be added directly to spa, no pre-dissolving needed

This is a 2lb bottle. We also have it available in a 14 Oz. size bottle.