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SpaGuard Filter Cleaner - Spray Top Bottle

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SpaGuard Filter Cleaner has always been one of our favorite products, and it has been made even easier to use with this convenient 1 quart spray top bottle.

There are two steps necessary to cleaning a cartridge filter (or any other type of filter):

  • Physical cleaning to remove the loose debris.
  • Chemical cleaning to remove grease, oil, and scale.

As you use your spa, particles such as dirt and algae are captured in the filter pleats and build up over time, causing the filter's efficiency to decrease. The debris build-up will also reduce the amount of water capable of passing through the filter element, and the filter will need to be cleaned.

    Chemical cleaning is absolutely essential in order to maximize the life and efficiency of the cartridge filter. SpaGuard Filter Cleaner is designed for the easy removal of chemicals and can be sprayed directly onto the filter, or used to soak the filter in for a deeper clean.

    For best results and longer filter life, rinse the cleaned filter thoroughly and allow it to dry before returning it to service.