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Sundance Spas 880 & 980 MicroClean Filter Outer Core

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This is a genuine Sundance Spas Replacement MicroClean Outer Core for the Sundance Spas 880 & 980 Series MicroClean filter System. For this filter to function properly, it MUST be used with the inner core. This filter is designed for use on Sundance 880 Series Spas including
  • Sundance Aspen
  • Sundance Maxxus
  • Sundance Optima
  • Sundance Cameo
  • Sundance Altamar
  • Sundance Marin
  • Sundance Cambria
  • Sundance Capri

and Sundance 980 Series spas including

  • Sundance Kingston
  • Sundance Odessa
  • Sundance Claremont
  • Sundance Lisbon

Consult your owner's manual or contact us for information on your spa's filter requirements. For more information on Sundance Spas filters click here.